PACKAGING:  in order to reduce the environmental impact, and transport and packaging costs, QUART DE POIL’ systematically develops compact, dependable products taking up the least space possible and minimising packaging.

Cardboard Collection:  furniture

All our pieces of cardboard furniture are ultra-light and flat-packed.  The high-quality and strength of materials contribute to the durability of the product.  Both packaging and product are of the same single material facilitating recycling.  It is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.  All our products can easily be personalised, enabling their appropriation and contributing to their endurance. 

Less packaging, lower volume and lower weight, volume reduced up to 98%.

•  ease of transport

•  lower energy consumption

•  less pollution

•  compact, lower storage volume

Single packaging in cardboard boxes

Folded, the furniture takes up 2% to 10% of its final volume.  The following pieces of cardboard furniture are placed on their packaging.

Packaging for 2 or 4 or multi-product kits

Other packaging