Big Screen 195 x 195

Glass Collection:  Patented System consisting of a plate of tempered safety glass with a sandblasted or printed silk-screen pattern and a series of magnetic cylinders that can hold metallic objects and various accessories (made of Scratch brushed aluminium, Steel, Solid Beech, or Leather).

It can be used as a translucent, self-supporting mobile partition when it is inserted in 2 feet (made of metal with maple veneer, dressed stone, concrete or microbead Stainless steel).

It can also be used as a support for signage.  The use of free magnets enables posters or flat products to be held in place.  This Screen format can be combined with the Computer Desk, the Chests and the Wall Cabinet unit belonging to the "Exceptions" collection.

Design ESSAIME, Architecte DPLG.   Made in France.   Patented system & Registered design.

Designer : ESSAIME. 1998

Standing : 195.00 x 195.00 x 1.20 cm
Unit weight : 100.000 kg
Folded flat : 195.00 x 195.00 x 1.20 cm