"Lutrin Sensation" Display

Made in France

"Lutrin Sensation" Display:  This cardboard display is composed of two "Présentoir-Lutrins", a large inclined surface forming a lectern, and a linking piece. Ideal for displaying large documents or books and as a lectern for an orator.  A4 size documents can be stored in the two columns.  The rectangular surfaces on its front and back can be customised with adhesives or a text.  Registered design.

Material:  double-fluted corrugated cardboard made with water-based glue and 80% to 100% recycled fibres.  Assembled by interlocking and re-usable.  This mono-material product is entirely recyclable.

Lectern made to order.

Designer : Olivier LEBLOIS. 2009

Standing : 127.00 x 70.00 x 35.50 cm
Unit weight : 2.000 kg
Packed : 108.00 x 68.00 x 3.00 cm