Cardboard Miniatures "Fauteuil Carton"

Made in France

Cardboard Miniatures "Fauteuil Carton":  Cards in pre-cut and pre-folded cardboard.  Cardboard Armchair at a scale of 1/4 or 1/5.  To keep rough or decorate with markers, pencils or acrylic paint.  Can be sent in an envelope.

Personalization:  For large orders, it can be customised by printing or pasted paper. 

Materials:  Made of micro card with water-based glue and 100% recycled fibres.  This product is entirely recyclable and made in France.  Patented & Registered design.

Size A4:  flat 30 x 22 cm - weight 30 g - assembled 12 x 12 x h 13 cm.

Size A3:  flat 40 x 32 cm - weight 60 g - assembled 16 x 17 x h 17.5 cm.

Product on stock in kraft color.

Designer : Olivier LEBLOIS. 1995