Won Screen

Made in France

In Chinese “won” means "small butterfly".  Light, this cardboard screen is made from a single piece of cardboard that folds in 4 segments in a “W” shape so taking very little space.  Ideal support for decoration on both sides.  Can be used in the home, office, and professional shows as a partition and display.

Materials:  double-fluted corrugated cardboard made from 85% to 100% recycled fibres and water-based glue.  This mono-material object is entirely recyclable.  Made in France.  Registered design.

Product in stock finished with 2 surfaces brown Kraft, and a few examples decorated by artists.

Half price for this item actually.

Designer : Olivier LEBLOIS. 1994

In stock

Standing : 136.00 x 176.00 x 33.00 cm
Unit weight : 2.800 kg
Packed : 63.00 x 183.00 x 4.00 cm