Variations of the Cardboard Coffee Table

New in September 2019 : Tailor-made in all our cardboard tables! Registered models. Design Olivier LEBLOIS, architect D.P.L.G.
The Cardboard Coffee Table is now available in several heights: from low tables to high tables. The tray can be extended and made up of 2 to 4 flat surfaces with one or more middle slots to present samples, color charts, etc. An optional accessory for all models: A cover-tray to be placed, allowing a flat surface to be obtained continuous bringing even more rigidity.
The Coffee Table models can be used with the Cardboard Child Armchair, the "Tea For One" Armchair, the Seat Bag Stool and the Ginkgo Stool.
The High Table models can be used with Lotus Chairs and Stools and the Plus Seat Bag Stool.
The Table Counter models can be used with the "Casino Royal" and "Lotus" Bar Stools.
Assembly: All these cardboard tables are assembled by interlocking. They are removable and reusable.
Materials : double fluted corrugated cardboard made with water-based glues and 85% to 100% recycled fibers. These mono-material products are fully recyclable. Finishes: 2 brown kraft faces and customization possible by digital printing or laminating.