"Lotus" and "Mini-Lotus" stools

New Products June 2019: The "Lotus" and "Mini Lotus" Stools
These ultra-light stools consist of a pre-cut and pre-folded cardboard plate as well as a locking key. They are produced in two seat heights: 46 cm and 37 cm. Stable, resistant and comfortable, these seats can be used, depending on their height, with desks, high tables or coffee tables from the Carton Collection by QUART DE POIL ', they are the companions for all your professional events, trade shows, events, seminars. Their square base allows associations for series, side by side or alternating compositions. Design ESSAIME, architect.
Material: Double fluted corrugated cardboard made with water-based glues and recycled fibers. 100% recyclable mono-material product. The high resistance quality materials used contribute to good durability of these seats.
Environment: Shipped flat, their volume is minimized up to 80%, thus reducing CO2 emissions linked to transport. The participants of your events can also leave with and give them a second life.
Personalization: These cardboard stools are very good communication supports thanks to their 4 easily customizable flat surfaces (Adhesive, serigraphy, digital).
Dimensions and weight:
Mini Lotus stools: h 40 x 45 x d 41 cm - Folded thickness 4 cm - Weight 0.95 kg
Lotus stools: h 50 x 45 x d 41 cm - Folded thickness 4 cm - Weight 1.15 kg

Designer : ESSAIME. 2019