"Lotus" cardboard Chair

Made in France

This cardboard Chair is composed of a sheet of pre-folded corrugated cardboard, a detachable back and cardboard key that locks the chair.  Stable, strong and comfortable, it can be used with the Desk Table and the table “Etoile” in the home and for public use.  The back is reversible, and can be printed and screen-printed, so it is ideal for shows, meals and ceremonies.  Seat height 45 cm.  Sold flat and pre-folded, its volume is reduced by 90%, minimising weight and transport costs.  An ultra-light product, it is made of technically strong material contributing to its durability.  Registered design.

Material:  Double corrugated cardboard made with 85% to 100 % recycled fibres and water-based glue. An excellent support for communications.  This mono-material product is entirely recyclable.

Packaging:  chair packed individually, by 2, and by 4 units (95 x 76 x 11 cm, 7.5 kg), and also by 2 with 1 table “Etoile” (table kit).

On stock with 2 sides brown Kraft.

Designer : ESSAIME. 1995

Standing : 53.00 x 86.00 x 52.00 cm
Unit weight : 1.600 kg
Folded flat : 65.00 x 86.00 x 3.00 cm
Packed : 95.00 x 75.00 x 5.50 cm