Customised cardboard stools

Made in France

Customised cardboard stools:
Several customisation options are available for the 4 models of foldable stools.
* Acrylic Paint: on all or a part of the stool, combined or not with an adhesive of the logo on a white or transparent background.
* Adhesive: on a white or transparent background printed or screen-printed in 1 colour or four-colour.
* Screen printing
* Digital printing

* Flexo printing: done before cutting, so only available in large quantities. (200 to 1200u depending on the model)
* Strap colour: for large quantities it is possible to weave the straps in different colours.
* Strap materials: Cotton or linen, sewed or adjustable with a buckle.
In the case of the Stools with rigid seat and handle: acrylic paint or screen-printing on the seat and on the side a logo printed or added with an adhesive depending on quantity.
And of course in the side pocket: the programme and documents relating