Storage files made of thick compact cardboard

Made in France

New 2016

Magazine file boxes made of thick compact cardboard and rivets.  Can be combined with ring files of similar dimensions with the small or large end visible.  The large end has space for a label and a hole for pulling it off the shelf.  Can be ordered in Brown Kraft or Grey Anthracite, (in the same finish as the office accessories such as Pencil Pot, Letter Holder and Note-Pad Holder).
This box can be used to tidy samples, non-perforated documents or brochures, while giving a homogeneous look.  Registered design.

Materials:  two 100% recycled environmentally-friendly finishes (Brown Compact Kraft or Grey Anthracite Celloderm). This product is recyclable.

Optional Customisation:  hot stamping or screen printing for over 100 units  

Dimensions:  h 32 x 10 x d 25 cm - Weight 300 g

On order by quantity:  compact Kraft and Grey Anthracite.

Standing : 25.00 x 32.00 x 10.00 cm