Sustainable design

Made in France

Concerned as ever with the environment, QUART DE POIL' recycles its offcuts.

The offcuts from a synderme photo frame (70% recycled leather fibres and latex, ordered depending on quantity) are reused to make other accessories:  3D Eiffel Towers, coasters, pencil pots, square pocket card holders, desktop card holders...

… and so many other ideas waiting to hatch out:  for example Ants, sheep, dinosaurs, baskets, pencil pots etc.

QUART DE POIL' was chosen by the Chambre de Métiers et d'Artisanat (chamber of trades and crafts) in the Île-de-France region to illustrate the re-use of materials in manufacturing.  A video clip made about one of the articles above will be available end of November on the QUART DE POIL' website, as well as on those of the regional council and other regional stakeholders involved in manufacturing and recycling.



Designer : ESSAIME. 2014