Business card holder

Made in France

New for June 2015.

Business card holder made of recycled leather.  This accessory made from the off-cuts of a photo frame is the ultimate in recycling.  It slots together and locks in place.  Two-coloured in Chocolate-Caramel or Red-Grey, four colour combinations are possible depending on how the product is assembled.  Design Régis BARROS.  Registered design.

Easy to slip into an envelope, this small office accessory makes a handy business gift.  Other colours than those from off-cuts are possible by cutting new sheets.  
Sent flat with instructions in an envelope or recyclable transparent sachet.

on stock :  in Chocolate-Caramel and Red-Grey.

Standing : 15.00 x 6.00 x 5.00 cm
Unit weight : 0.015 kg
Folded flat : 15.00 x 0.40 x 5.00 cm
Packed : 15.00 x 0.40 x 5.00 cm