Synderme Manufacuring: Synderm is made from recycled leather fibres (80%) which are ground and mixed with latex, fats and pigments. The materials are ordered by bulk in different finishes and colours (see the recycled leather colour chart). They are delivered in sheets between 1.5 and 2 mm thick, the same thickness as the buffalo crust used in our leather collection, and so need no lining.

Manufacturing process of Synderme objects: Customisation by hot stamping, then cutting out the leather, and finally saddle stitching and fixing elastic, laces and metal parts

The cutting tools:  one or several tools for each model are created, usually exclusive to QUART DE POIL'.  They are stored at the factory with the stamping plates and sometimes a stock of raw materials.  The tools include dies for the cutting and scoring of the leather. The sheet of leather is cut into shape between 2 dies fixed to wooden boards.

The plates: The tools for hot stamping are made of metal (brass, copper or magnesium). Ribbons of colour are inserted for colour stamping. 

Stitching: Saddle stitching with choice of colours. It is possible to have threads with gradient colour or different colour threads on either side of the same stitching.