"Reine Margaux" Bottle Butler

Made in France

This Bottle Butler is made from one piece of pre-folded cardboard with a carry handle.  Assembled, it becomes the Bottle Butler which can be accessorised with 4 hats and 3 moustaches depending on the wine (French, Spanish, Italian, and American).  Used to protect and serve bottles of wine at the correct angle, it absorbs drips.  The label can be read through a side opening, or the bottle turned for blind tastings.  Patented System & Registered design.

Customisation depending on quantity:  screen printing, pasted paper, or full colour digital printing.  

Material:  100% recycled Microbis card.  This product is entirely recyclable.  Made in France. 

Product in stock:  blue and gold, or microbis card with 2 white surfaces.

Designer : ESSAIME. 1995

Standing : 30.00 x 20.00 x 28.00 cm
Unit weight : 0.140 kg
Folded flat : 64.00 x 59.00 x 0.30 cm