"Un Peu..., Beaucoup and Passionnément" Vases

Made in France

3 cardboard Vases:  One, three or five (depending on the model) glass test tubes to be filled with water fit into a cardboard stand made from 100% recycled micro-fluted cardboard.  Each vase is packed in a cardboard tube or tissue paper, with instructions, raphia and “language of flowers” list.  These products are entirely recyclable.  Registered design.

 Won the "Innovations” prize at the “Cadeau & Entreprise” show, September 2002

Mounted dimensions:

"Un Peu" :  h 20 x 20 x 20 cm - 60 g.

"Beaucoup" :   h 4 x 7 x 15 cm.

"Passionnement" :  h 11 x 15 x 15 cm - 50 g.

in stock:  cut cardboard for models "Beaucoup" and "Passionnement" 

Glass test tubes:  to order depending on quantity.

Designer : Marion Moussu. 2002