Recycled Leather Colours 2

These pieces of bonded leather are produced from leather offcuts directly from shoe and leatherwork factories (Western Europe only).  This waste is ground and mixed with latex and binding agents.  The product obtained (synderme or reconstituted leather) is tough and has the same look as non-reconstituted leather.

This material enables us to use leather waste which, without this transformation, would be put in landfill or incinerated.  his can be seen as the last stage of the recycling process.

Composition of “synderme” (recycled leather fibres)

* 70% to 80% animal origin:  ground leather waste from shoe manufacturing.

* 10% to 20% vegetable origin:  latex or rubber (natural product from the rubber tree).

*10 % synthetic resin / binder / softening grease / pigments.

Synderme - Recycled or Bonded Leather Colours:  12 possible finishes and colours

smooth:  black, blue, red, bright orange, camel, silvery, grey

grainy:  yellow, orange, black 

nubuck:  beige suede, brown suede

old leather look:  vintage leather