Desk "Scotie"

Made in France

Desk "Scotie":  This small contemporary home writing desk offers a working surface complete with a plain storage unit and forms an architectural composition dominated by a bearing arch.

The table and the front legs are veneered with rosy-beige Birchwood on a MDF structure.  The back legs and the arch together with the pivoting drawers are veneered with Chestnut-coloured gnarl of Walnut wood.  The removable fan vaulting drawers are made of  Walnut-coloured MDF.

Made in France.   Registered design.  Design Jean-François FORCE, Architecte.

Product made to order.  Price depending on quantity.

Designer : Jean-Franois Force. 1996

Standing : 102.00 x 87.00 x 62.00 cm