Notebook with tab - Journal

Made in France

1)  Rechargeable journal with tab and saddle stitching.  A spiral notebook is held in an inner flap.  A tab on the front closes the notebook.  Different sizes to order: 14 x 6 cm - 14 x 8 cm - 11 x 17 cm - 14 x 14 cm - 13 x 21 cm - 16 x 22.5 cm (spiral notebook for this size: 14.5 x 21 cm).

Customisation:  hot stamping possible on the leather and the cover of the spiral notebook.  The colour of the spiral can be chosen, as well as that of the notebook cover from the Ecocard colours (14 available) or made of translucent polypropylene.  Printing possible on the notebook pages:  lines and logo.

2)  Journal with tab and cover made of recycled leather perforated by a spiral.  It is closed by a tab on the front.  Made to order in different sizes:  e.g. 17.5 x 21.50 x 3 cm (notebook size for this format:  15.5 X 21 cm).

Customisation:  Hot stamping possible on the leather.  Choice of spiral colour.  Printing possible on the notebook pages:  lines and logo.

Recycled leather:  5 finishes 11 colours (see recycled leather colour chart). 

Stock:  Product made to order depending on quantity.