All of our production conforms to French norms and respects environmental regulations.  The wood-based components come from sustainably managed forests.  The specifications of our different products correspond to the following descriptions.

Environmentally friendly production
One of the main concerns of  QUART DE POIL’ is respect for the environment.  This preoccupation is not a question of marketing, but corresponds to the firm’s real policy.  In terms of creation, we choose structural materials and each product corresponds to defined requirements:
Technically innovative furniture: Each time QUART DE POIL' launches a new range of furniture, we see this as an opportunity to create a new manufacturing technique.  This is illustrated by the Cardboard collection, the Curved Wood collection (whose parts are assembled by bending the wood), a line of Magnetic Screens and Shelves based on a specific patent and, most recently, for a collection using buffalo leather based on the concept of the self-supporting nature of thick leather thanks to its pliability and the fact that it can be folded flat.

Personalisation - This concept is extremely important for QUART DE POIL' and corresponds to the user's right to individuality.  The Cardboard collection offers a unique surface to show painted work illustrated by the splendid exhibition that gathered 105 modern artists in the VIA's gallery in 1996.  The "Curved Wood" collection offers the same possibilities as well as a reversibility of its parts.  The pieces of furniture in the Exceptions collection come in a large variety of finishes.  The Leather collection allows varied assemblies and combinations, a choice of colours, stitching and stamping. The Glass collection opens the field to infinite combinations thanks to the interchangeability of its components.