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Synderme collection or Bonded Leather (Recycled leather fibres).

This type of leather is made from offcuts and leather waste (from shoe and bag factories in Western Europe only) which are ground and mixed with latex and binding agents.  After the paste is spread and dried at the tannery, synderme (leather board) is obtained.  It is strong and has the same look as non-reconstituted leather.

The different products, objects and office accessories, designed and made in France, are almost all foldable to save on packaging and transport costs.  They are assembled by interlocking, press studs, laces, elastic bands, or buttons (wood or metal).  These products are made from recycled leather fibres bringing together environmental awareness and the elegance of a valuable material.

Composition of Recycled Leather or Synderme:

• 70 % animal origin:  leather fibres (ground offcuts mainly from shoe manufacturing).

• 20 % vegetable origin:  latex or rubber (natural product from the rubber tree).

• 10 % synthetic resin:  binder / softening grease / pigments.

This can be seen as the last stage of the recycling process.

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